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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.44, No. 2, 1999, 82-95
Kofta Wawrzyniec, Wedrychowicz Halina Z. - DNA vaccination against parasites: hope or mirage?

Department of Parasitology, Veterinary Faculty, Warsaw Agricultural University, Grochowska 272, 03-849 Warsaw, Poland

Experimental data obtained so far suggest that an efficacious anti-parasitic vaccine must either be completely effective against infective stage of a parasite or it must induce multi-stage, multi-immune response. Recently developed technology of DNA vaccination appears to offer the best prospect for the development of multivalent vaccines that will effectively activate both the humoral and cell mediated mechanisms of the immune system. The strength of the genetic vaccination lays in the continuous expression of the immunogen in the vaccinated organisms. From the evidences gathered so far it appears that the type of immune response elicited by DNA vaccination depends very much on the antigen used and on the way of the vaccine delivery. This paper presents advantages and disadvantages of vaccinating host organism with cDNA encoding for various microbial and parasitic antigens.

KEY WORDS: DNA vaccination, genetic vaccination, naked DNA vaccines
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