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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.44, No. 2, 1999, 115-118
Rocka Anna - The tetraphyllidean cercoids from teleosts occurring in the Weddell Sea (Antarctic).

W. Stefanski Institute of Parasitology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warszawa, Poland

In total, 400 teleosts of 32 species (7 families) were examined. Cercoids of Tetraphyllidea (about 41 thousands) occurred in 204 host specimens of 26 species. Three morphological forms of cercoids were recognized. They were cercoids with bothridia divided into two and three loculi, and cercoids with subcylindrical bothridia. All forms were found in fishes from the Weddell Sea for the first time. Cercoids with bilocular bothridia were the most abundant form (90.7% of all specimens); cercoids with trilocular bothridia and cercoids with subcylindrical bothridia were less numerous (6.6 and 2.7% of all specimens, respectively). Cercoids concentrated in obligatory or facultative predators, whereas pelagic and bentho-pelagic fishes feeding on crill, were rarely infected. Chionodraco hamatus was the most heavily infected prevalence 100%, relative density 903.

KEY WORDS: Tetraphyllidea, cercoids, teleost fishes, Weddell Sea, Antarctic
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