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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.44, No. 2, 1999, 142-144
Karbowiak Grzegorz (1), Stanko Michal (2), Rychlik Leszek (3), Nowakowski Wojciech (4), Siuda Krzysztof (5) - The new data about zoonotic reservoir of Babesia microti in small mammals in Poland.

(1) W.Stefanski Institute of Parasitology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Twarda 51/55, 00-818 Warszawa, Poland; (2) Institute for Ecology of Agricultural Landscape of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, L_fflerova 10, SK-04001 Kosice, Slovak Republic; (3) Mammal Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, 17-230 Bialowieza; (4) Department of Zoology, University of Agriculture and Pedagogics, Prusa 12, 08-110 Siedlce; (5) Department of Biology and Parasitology, Silesian University School of Medicine, Medykow 18, 40-752 Katowice; Poland

In this article the data about new localities of Babesia microti in Poland are presented. Attention is paid to the mammalian hosts for this pathogen. Seven species of rodents (Clethrionomys glareolus, Microtus agrestis, M. oeconomus, M. arvalis, Apodemus flavicollis, A. agrarius, Mus musculus) and 4 species of shrews (Sorex araneus, S. minutus, Neomys fodiens, N. anomalus) were investigated in 3 localities Bialowieza, Mazury Lakeland and Katowice. The results show the competence of Microtus agrestis and M. oeconomus as zoonotic reservoir of B. microti in south and north Poland.

KEY WORDS: Babesia microti, Microtus agrestis, M. oeconomus, zoonotic reservoir, Poland
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