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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.44, No. 3, 1999,149-152
Pilarska Daniela - First report of microsporidia of blackfly larvae (Simuliidae) from Bulgaria.

Institute of Zoology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1, Blvd. Tzar Osvoboditel, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Pathogen surveys were conducted in populations of five species of European simuliids collected from streams and rivers in Samokov, Rupite, and Lebnitsa during the period 1988-1995. Five microsporidia were found for the first time in Bulgaria Amblyospora bracteata, Janacekia debaisieuxi, Polydispyrenia simulii, Thelohania varians, and Bohuslavia sp. A. bracteata was recorded in larvae of Odagmia ornata and Wilhelmia sp. from Lebnitsa and Samokov. J. debaisieuxi was established in larvae of O. ornata, Eusimulium aureum, and Tetisimulium bezzii collected from the same localities. P. simulii was found only in larvae collected from Lebnitsa and Rupite. T. varians was found in larvae of O. ornata from Samokov. One Bohuslavia sp. was established in larvae of E. aureum, T. bezzii and S. variegatum collected from Samokov. E. aureum, T. bezzii, S. variegatum and Wilhelmia sp. are recorded as new hosts for J. debaisieuxi, T. varians, P. simulii and Bohuslavia sp. Data about the pathogenicity caused by the microsporidia found are presented.

KEY WORDS: Simuliidae, microsporidia, insect pathogens
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