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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.44, No. 3, 1999, 206-208
Mutafova Teodora, Nedeva Iglika - Karyological study of Khawia sinensis Hsu, 1935 (Cestoda, Lytocestidae).

Institute of Experimental Pathology and Parasitology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bl. 25, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

A karyological analysis was carried out on Khawia sinensis Hsu, 1935. The number of chromosomes in the diploid cells (2n = 16) and the processes of meiotic division were studied. The mean absolute (La) and relative (Lr) length of the chromosomes as well as the localization of the centromeres were determined. The karyotype consists of 3 metacentric (m) and 5 typical telocentric (T) chromosomes.

KEY WORDS: Khawia sinensis, Cestoda, karyological analysis, meiotic division
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