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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.44, No. 4, 1999, 222-228
Ostrowski de Nunez Margarita (1), Semenas Liliana (2), Brugni Norma (2), Viozzi Gustavo (2), Flores Veronica (2) - Redescription of Acanthostomoides apophalliformis (Trematoda, Acanthostomidae) from Percichthys trucha (Pisces, Percichthyidae) with notes on its life cycle in Patagonia, Argentina.

(1) Department of Biological Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, Ciudad Universitaria, Pabellón II, 1428 Buenos Aires; (2) Regional Biological Centre of Bariloche, University of Comahue, Unidad Postal Universidad, 8400 Bariloche, Rio Negro; Argentina

Acanthostomoides apophalliformis Szidat, 1956 is redescribed and its distribution, prevalence and mean intensity of infection in different Patagonian lakes is included. Mature adults were found mainly in the digestive tract of Percichthys trucha, rarely in Oncorhynchus mykiss and Diplomystes viedmensis (new host record). The metacercaria parasitised mainly the liver of Galaxias maculatus and G. platei. Opistorchioid cercariae emerged from Heleobia hatcheri. Experimental infections with cercaria exposed to G. maculatus were successful and the immature metacercaria obtained were similar to those naturally found in the same host.

KEY WORDS: Acanthostomoides apophalliformis, life cycle, Galaxias spp., metacercaria, Heleobia hatcheri, cercaria, fish, Trematoda
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