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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.45, No. 3, 2000, 126


This number of Acta Parasitologica contains 543 abstracts received by the Organising Committee of European Multicolloqium of Parasitology (EMOP8). The abstracts have been grouped according to the EMOP8 programme; at the beginning are published abstracts of 6 symposia (S1-S6), then follows abstracts from the consecutive sessions (A1-H1). Within each group, appear first the oral contributions arranged in order of their presentations and then contributions accepted as posters; order of both reflects the time of abstract acceptance. Each poster can easily be find, as it is identified by its code and number. The alphabetical index of authors includes also all co-authors of papers; the author's names are followed by the respective page(s). There is no subject's index and we expect that finding a group of abstracts being of interest can easily be done by looking into the sessions programme which is available just before the abstracts. In agreement with the moderators of various symposia and sessions we adopted the policy to accept almost all the abstract submitted in a way that followed the EMOP8 instruction. The abstracts are set up electronically exactly as submitted. No effort has been done to correct the abstract text or its English language. In a few cases, however, having author's agreement we have corrected terminology, by using SNOPAD instructions.
The Editorial Board of Polish parasitological journal Acta Parasitologica has agreed to publish EMOP8 abstracts and we want to acknowledge it with appreciation. The enormous work in collecting and editing the abstracts was done by EMOP8 internal editorial team, which deserves high recognition. The team members were: Professor Katarzyna Niewiadomska, Acta Parasitologica Editor, Dr Piotr Nowosad and Professor Edward Hadas, EMOP8 Organising Committee scientific secretariat, Aniela Piotrowicz, M.A., director of the Main Library of K. Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences in Poznan and Pawel Sulima from Department of Biology and Medical Parasitology in Poznan. The technical skill and assistance of Piotr Krzyzaniak, an Internet specialist from the Library, was irreplaceable. Finally, we want to thank all the EMOP8 moderators and participants for their co-operation.

The Presidents of EMOP8
Krystyna Boczon and Zbigniew S. Pawlowski

Editor's remarks
As mentioned in the instructions for authors, Acta Parasitologica publishes original research articles, short communications and review papers concerning all fields of parasitology. In this number, we are exceptionally departing from this rule, rendering accessible the columns of our journal to the EMOP8 Organising Committee for publication of abstracts of papers accepted for this Meeting. The organisation of the Multicolloquium in Poland represents an important event and we wish to add our contribution to its success. We hope that publication of EMOP8 abstracts in AP will make them easily accessible to the international community of parasitologists.
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