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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.47, No. 4, 2002, 294-299
Rocka Anna - Nematodes of fishes in the Weddell Sea (Antarctic).

W. Stefanski Institute of Parasitology, Polish Academy of Sciences, 51/55 Twarda Street, 00-818 Warsaw, Poland
Corresponding author:

Four nematode species are reported from bony fishes caught in the Weddell Sea. Two species of cystidicolids, Cystidicola beatriceinsleyae (Holloway et Klewer, 1969) and Ascarophis nototheniae Johnston et Mawson, 1945, were found in Lycodichthys antarcticus Pappenheim, 1911, whereas one capillariid, Capillaria (Procapillaria) sp., and one anisakid, Paranisakiopsis weddelliensis sp. nov., in Macrourus whitsoni Regan, 1913. Capillaria (Procapillaria) sp. (only females were found) is characterised by: body 17.6-26.0 mm long; stichosome composed of 46-49 stichocytes; presence of a vulvar appendage, and eggs 77-82 × 37-42 μm. This is the first Capillaria species reported from fishes in the Antarctic. Paranisakiopsis weddelliensis sp. nov. is characterised by: body length of male and female 40-48 and 55-62 mm, respectively; lips up to 200 μm and interlabia up to 140 μm long; inconspicuous dentigerous ridge on each lip; 8-10 pairs of preanal and 4 pairs of postanal papillae; spicules equal or subequal, 420-620 μm; eggs 83-85 × 63-65 μm. P. weddelliensis is the first representative of this genus reported from the Antarctic.

KEY WORDS: Ascarophis, Capillaria, Cystidicola, Paranisakiopsis, Nematoda, fish, Antarctic
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