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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.48, No. 2, 2003, 119-124
Jose Luis Luque* and Aline R. Paraguassu - Redescriptions of two species of Lernanthropus (Copepoda, Siphonostomatoida, Lernanthropidae) parasitic on teleost marine fishes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Curso de Pos-Graduacao em Ciencias Veterinarias, Departamento de Parasitologia Animal, Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Caixa Postal 74508, 23851-970 Seropedica, RJ, Brasil
*Corresponding author: jlluque@ufrrj.br

Two species of Lernanthropus de Blainville, 1822 parasitic on the sparid fish Pagrus pagrus L., 1758 and the sciaenid fish Umbrina canosai Berg, 1895, respectively, from the coastal zone of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are redescribed and illustrated: L. caudatus Wilson, 1922, and L. leidyi Wilson, 1922. The male specimens of L. caudatus are described for the first time. There are new geographical and host records for these Lernanthropus species.

KEY WORDS: Lernanthropus caudatus, L. leidyi, Lernanthropidae, Copepoda, Pagrus pagrus, Sparidae, Umbrina canosai, Sciaenidae, Brazil

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