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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.49, No. 1, 2004, 80-86
Barbara Szczurek and Slawomir Kadulski* - Ectoparasites on fallow deer, Dama dama (L.) in Pomerania, Poland
Laboratory of Parasitology and General Zoology, Department of Invertebrate Zoology, University of Gdansk, 46 J. Pilsudski Street, 81-378 Gdynia, Poland
*Corresponding author: spawn2k@wp.pl

A total of 356 Dama dama individuals (about 20% of the population inhabiting Pomerania, Poland) were examined over a period of 6 years (1996-2001). The fallow deer were found to act as hosts for 8 parasitic arthropod species belonging to 4 orders: Diptera (Lipoptena cervi), Mallophaga (Damalinia meyeri), Anoplura (Solenopotes burmeisteri) and Acari (Ixodes ricinus, Dermacentor reticulatus, Sarcoptes scabiei, Chorioptes texanus, Demodex kutzeri). The extent of infestation was species-dependent; the highest prevalence (76%) was typical of L. cervi, followed by I. ricinus (29%) and D. meyeri (7%). On the other hand, the extent of infestation of small epidermal Acari was generally low, e.g., the prevalence of C. texanus did not exceed 1%. Despite the relatively high prevalences, the infestations were symptomless.

KEY WORDS: Ectoparasites, Anoplura, Mallophaga, Acari, Cervidae, Dama dama, Poland

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