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Acta Parasitologica, Vol.50, No. 1, 2005, 90-93
Mykola Ovcharenko(1,2)*, Irena Wita(1) and Urszula Czaplinska(1) - Ultrastructural data on Gurleya orchestiae Ovcharenko et Kurandina, 1987 (Microsporidia, Gurleyidae)

(1)W. Stefanski Institute of Parasitology, Polish Academy of Sciences, 51/55 Twarda Street, 00-818 Warszawa, Poland; (2)I. Schmalhauzen Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 15 B. Khmelnitsky Street, 01601 Kiev, Ukraine
*Corresponding author: mykola@twarda.pan.pl

Ultrastructural data of the sporulation stages of the microsporidium Gurleya orchestiae, infecting the muscles of talitrid amphipods Orchestia sp. (Crustacea, Amphipoda), are presented. The developmental stages of the parasite have isolated nuclei. Sporogonial reproduction is by rosette-like budding. Sporophorous vesicles contain 4, seldom 8 spores. The episporontal space contains granules and tubules. Spores are of oval shape, monokaryotic with lamellate bipartite polaroplast, double-layered exospore and isofilar polar filament, turned into 8-9 coils.

KEY WORDS: Microsporidia, Gurleya orchestiae, ultrastructure, Orchestia sp., Amphipoda

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