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Acta Parasitologica, Vol. 50, No. 2, 2005, 145-149
Paola E. Braicovich(1), Raul A. Gonzalez(1)* and Ruben D. Tanzola(2) - First record of Corynosoma australe (Acanthocephala, Polymorphidae) parasitizing seahorse, Hippocampus sp. (Pisces, Syngnathidae) in Patagonia (Argentina)

(1)Instituto de Biologia Marina y Pesquera "Almirante Storni", Guemes 1030 (8520) San Antonio Oeste, Rio Negro; (2)Universidad Nacional del Sur, Departamento de Biologia, Bioquimica y Farmacia (8000) Bahia Blanca; Argentina
*Corresponding author: raulg@canaldig.com.ar
The present study is the first record of acanthocephalan parasites in fish of the genus Hippocampus and of the order Syngnathiformes. It also provides the first reference to Corynosoma australe in fish from San Matias Gulf, Argentina. Parasites analyzed in the present study were morphologically similar to previous records in other marine fishes from Argentine Sea, however, they were comparatively more irregular in their dimensions with respect to previous records. Taking account information about seasonal presence, prevalence and mean intensity observed for C. australe in this study, it could be claimed that Patagonian seahorse plays an accidental role as paratenic host to this helminth. Potential paths of infection and dispersion of this parasite in the ecosystem of San Antonio Bay are discussed regarding the trophic relationships among crustaceans, fishes and marine mammals.
KEY WORDS: Acanthocephala, Corynosoma australe, fish, Hippocampus sp., San Matias Gulf, Argentina

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