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Acta Parasitologica, Vol. 52, No. 2, 2007, 151–155. DOI: 10.2478/s11686-007-0021-4
John M. Kinsella – Helminths of the vagrant shrew, Sorex vagrans, from western Montana, USA

HelmWest Laboratory, 2108 Hilda Avenue, Missoula, Montana 59801, USA
Corresponding adress: wormdwb@aol.com
A total of 19 helminth species (1 trematode, 11 cestodes, 7 nematodes) were collected from 45 vagrant shrews, Sorex vagrans (Mammalia, Soricidae), in western Montana, USA. One trematode (Brachylaima sp.), 2 cestodes (Paruterina candelabraria, Staphylocystoides longi), and 6 nematodes (Baruscapillaria rauschi, Eucoleus oesophagicola, Longistriata meylani, Paracrenosoma sp., Parastrongyloides winchesi, Pseudophysaloptera formosana) are reported for the first time from this host. Baruscapillaria rauschi n. comb. is proposed for Capillaria rauschi Read, 1949. This is the first record of merocercoids of P. candelabraria from a shrew, and the first report of the genus Paracrenosoma in North America.
KEY WORDS: Helminths, Paruterina candelabraria, Paracrenosoma, shrew, Sorex vagrans, Montana, USA, checklist

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