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Volume 61, Issue 1 (January 2016)

Toxocarosis of the organ of sight – the complex pathological and diagnostic problem
Kocięcki, Jarosław / Kocięcka, Wanda / Dmitriew, Andrzej

Page 1

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Trichomonas vaginalis: An Updated Overview Towards Diagnostic Improvement
Oliveira, Ana S. / Ferrao, Ana R. / Pereira, Filomena Martins / Martinez-de-Oliveira, José / Palmeira-de-Oliveira, Ana

Page 10

Published Online: 12/30/2015

New species and records of mites of the superfamily Sarcoptoidea (Acariformes: Psoroptidia) from mammals in Brazil
Bochkov, Andre V. / Valim, Michel P.

Page 22

Published Online: 12/30/2015

The morphology of free-living stages and immature parasites of Rhabdias paraensis (Nematoda: Rhabdiasidae), a parasite of Rhinella marina (Anura: Bufonidae) in Brazil
Melo, Francisco Tiago de Vasconcelos / Nascimento, Luciana de Cássia Silva do / Macedo, Lilian Cristina / Santos, Jeannie Nascimento dos / Kuzmin, Yuriy

Page 42

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Effects of altered water quality and trace elements on the infection variables of Paradiplozoon ichthyoxanthon (Monogenea: Diplozoidae) from two sites in the Vaal River system, South Africa
Gilbert, Beric Michael / Avenant-Oldewage, Annemarie

Page 52

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Herd-level seroprevalence of Neospora caninum infection in dairy cattle in central and northeastern Poland
Kowalczyk, Sławomir J. / Czopowicz, Michał / Weber, Corinna N. / Müller, Elisabeth / Witkowski, Lucjan / Kaba, Jarosław

Page 63

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Ultrastructure of Ascaridia galli (Schrank, 1788) (Nematoda: Ascaridida) from the endangered green peafowl Pavo muticus Linnaeus (Galliformes: Phasianidae)
Zhao, Ting / Guo, Yan-Ning / Zhang, Lu-Ping / Li, Liang

Page 66

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Prevalence and risk factors associated to Eimeria spp. infection in unweaned alpacas (Vicugna pacos) from Southern Peru
Díaz, Pablo / Panadero, Rosario / López, Rosalía / Cordero, Aida / Pérez-Creo, Ana / López, Ceferino M. / Fernández, Gonzalo / Díez-Banos, Pablo / Morrondo, Patrocinio

Page 74

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Description of a new species of Chabaudus Inglis and Ogden, 1965 (Nematoda: Seuratoidea) from the frog Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis from Dehrandun, Uttarakhand, India
Rizvi, Anjum N. / Bursey, Charles R. / Maity, Pallab

Page 79

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Fertilization in the cestode Echinococcus multilocularis (Cyclophyllidea, Taeniidae)
Świderski, Zdzisław / Miquel, Jordi / Azzouz-Maache, Samira / Pétavy, Anne-Françoise

Page 84

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Expression analysis of viscerotropic leishmaniasis gene in Leishmania species by real-time RT-PCR
Nafchi, Hossein Reisi / Kazemi-Rad, Elham / Mohebali, Mehdi / Raoofian, Reza / Ahmadpour, Niloofar Bavarsad / Oshaghi, Mohammad Ali / Hajjaran, Homa

Page 93

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy as a tool for identification of crude microbial extracts with anti-malarial potential
Sankarganesh, P. / Joseph, Baby

Page 98

Published Online: 12/30/2015

A 43 kDa recombinant plasmepsin elicits immune response in mice against Plasmodium berghei malaria
Pirta, Chhaya / Sharma, Nitya Nand / Banyal, H.S.

Page 102

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Effects of Echinostoma caproni miracidia dose on the amino acid contents of Biomphalaria glabrata as determined by high-performance thin-layer chromatography
Nguyen, Mai / Fried, Bernard / Sherma, Joseph

Page 108

Published Online: 12/30/2015

In search of a potential diagnostic tool for molecular characterization of lymphatic filariasis
Saeed, Mohd / Adnan, Mohd / Khan, Saif / Al-Shammari, Eyad / Mustafa, Huma

Page 113

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Seasonal pattern in parasite infracommunities of Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus and Hoplias malabaricus (Actinopterygii: Erythrinidae) from the Brazilian Amazon
Gonçalves, Raissa Alves / Oliveira, Marcos Sidney Brito / Neves, Ligia Rigôr / Tavares-Dias, Marcos

Page 119

Published Online: 12/30/2015

The first detection of the tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) RNA in Dermacentor reticulatus ticks collected from the lowland European bison (Bison bonasus bonasus L.)
Biernat, Beata / Karbowiak, Grzegorz / Stańczak, Joanna / Masny, Aleksander / Werszko, Joanna

Page 130

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Assessing the influence of geographic distance in parasite communities of an exotic lizard
Bezerra, Castiele Holanda / Pinheiro, Luan Tavares / Melo, Gabriela Cavalcante de / Zanchi-Silva, Djan / Queiroz, Murilo de Souza / Anjos, Luciano Alves dos / Harris, David James / Borges-Nojosa, Diva Maria

Page 136

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Diagnostic value of semi-purified antigens of hydatid cyst fluid in human cystic echinococcosis
Iraqi, Wissal

Page 144

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Occurrence and morphogenetic characteristics of Gyrodactylus (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae) from a rainbow trout farm (Lake Ladoga, Russia)
Ieshko, Evgeny / Barskaya, Yulia / Parshukov, Aleksey / Lumme, Jaakko / Khlunov, Oleg

Page 151

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Dactylogyrids (Monogenea) parasitic on cichlids from northern Brazil, with description of two new species of Sciadicleithrum and new host and geographical records
Paschoal, Fabiano / Scholz, Tomáš / Tavares-Dias, Marcos / Luque, José L.

Page 158

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Molecular detection and prevalence of feline hemotropic mycoplasmas in Istanbul, Turkey
Cetinkaya, Handan / Haktanir, Damla / Arun, Seckin / Vurusaner, Cem

Page 165

Published Online: 12/30/2015

First report of Cystoisospora belli parasitemia in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Velásquez, Jorge Néstor / Risio, Cecilia Alicia di / Etchart, Cristina Beatriz / Chertcoff, Agustín Víctor / Nigro, Mónica Gabriela / Pantano, María Laura / Ledesma, Bibiana Alba / Vittar, Natalia / Carnevale, Silvana

Page 172

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Cystic echinococcosis in Southern Israel
Ben-Shimol, Shalom / Sagi, Orli / Houri, Ohad / Bazarsky, Elina / Berkowitz, Anat / Bulkowstein , Shlomi / Barrett, Chiya / Greenberg, David

Page 178

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Larval cestodes infecting the deep-water fish, Cataetyx laticeps (Pisces: Bythitidae) from Madeira Archipelago, Atlantic Ocean
Costa, Graça / Khadem, Mahnaz / Dellinger, Thomas / Biscoito, Manuel / Melo-Moreira, Egberto

Page 187

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Toxocara canis glycans influence antigen recognition by mouse IgG1 and IgM antibodies
Długosz, Ewa / Wiśniewski, Marcin

Page 191

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Phylogenetic relationships among Linguatula serrata isolates from Iran based on 18S rRNA and mitochondrial cox1 gene sequences
Ghorashi, Seyed Ali / Tavassoli, Mousa / Peters, Andrew / Shamsi, Shokoofeh / Hajipour, Naser

Page 195

Published Online: 12/30/2015

The transstadial persistence of tick-borne encephalitis virus in Dermacentor reticulatus ticks in natural conditions
Karbowiak, Grzegorz / Biernat, Beata / Werszko, Joanna / Rychlik, Leszek

Page 201

Published Online: 12/30/2015

Volume 61, Issue 2 (March 2016)

Human Trichinella infection outbreaks in Slovakia, 1980-2008
Dubinský, Pavol / Antolová, Daniela / Reiterová, Katarína
Page 205

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Immune responses in rats and sheep induced by a DNA vaccine containing the phosphoglycerate kinase gene of Fasciola hepatica and liver fluke infection

Wesołowska, Agnieszka / Zawistowska-Deniziak, Anna / Norbury, Luke J. / Wilkowski, Przemysław / Januszkiewicz, Kamil / Pyziel, Anna M. / Zygner, Wojciech / Wędrychowicz, Halina

Page 212

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Isolation and identification of Acanthamoeba spp. from thermal swimming pools and spas in Southern Brazil

Fabres, Laura Fuhrich / Rosa dos Santos, Sayonara Peixoto / Benitez, Lisianne Brittes / Rott, Marilise Brittes

Page 221

Published Online: 03/30/2016

First report and spore ultrastructure of Vairimorpha plodiae (Opisthokonta: Microspora) from Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in Turkey

Yaman, Mustafa / Pinar Güngör, F. / Gonca Güner, Beyza / Radek, Renate / Linde, Andreas

Page 228

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Evaluation of immuno diagnostic assay for the exposure of stage specific filarial infection

Ravishankaran, Rajendran / Shridharan, Radhika Nagamangalam / Vishal, Lawrence Ansel / Meenakshisundaram, Sankaranarayanan / Karande, Anjali Anoop / Kaliraj, Perumal

Page 232

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Morphological, molecular and developmental characterization of the thelastomatid nematode Thelastoma bulhoesi (de Magalhaes, 1900) (Oxyuridomorpha: Thelastomatidae) parasite of Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus, 1758) (Blattodea: Blattidae) in Japan

Ozawa, Sota / Morffe, Jans / Vicente, Cláudia S.L. / Ikeda, Kenji / Shinya, Ryoji / Hasegawa, Koichi

Page 241

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Wild boar (Sus scrofa) – reservoir host of Toxoplasma gondii, Neospora caninum and Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Slovakia

Reiterová, Katarína / Špilovská, Silvia / Blaňarová, Lucia / Derdáková, Markéta / Čobádiová, Andrea / Hisira, Vladimír

Page 255

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Prevalence of Giardia spp. in young dogs using a combination of two diagnostic methods

Alves, Joao / Santos, Ana

Page 261

Published Online: 03/30/2016

CIAS detection of Fasciola hepatica/F. gigantica intermediate forms in bovines from Bangladesh

Ahasan, Syed Ali / Valero, M. Adela / Chowdhury, Emdadul Haque / Islam, Mohammad Taohidul / Islam, Mohammad Rafiqul / Hussain Mondal, Mohammad Motahar / Peixoto, Raquel V. / Berinde, Lavinia / Panova, Miroslava / Mas-Coma, Santiago

Page 267

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Redescription of two species of cystidicolid nematodes (Spirurina: Cystidicolidae) from Notopterus notopterus (Osteichthyes) in Thailand

Moravec, František / Pachanawan, Adithepchaikarn / Kamchoo, Kanda

Page 278

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Paradiplozoon iraqensis n. sp. (Monogenea: Diplozoinae) from Cyprinion macrostomum (Cyprinidae) in the Tigris River, Iraq

Al-Nasiri, Fatima Shihab / Balbuena, Juan Antonio

Page 291

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Genetic diversity of Diplomonadida in fish of the genus Coregonus from Southeastern Siberia

Denikina, Natalia / Nebesnykh, Ivan / Maikova, Olga / Dzyuba, Elena / Belkova, Natalia

Page 299

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Dynamics and effects of Ligula intestinalis (L.) infection in the native fish Barbus callensis Valenciennes, 1842 in Algeria

Rouis, Sonia Ould / Rouis, Abdelhalim Ould / Dumont, Henri J. / Magellan, Kit / Arab, Abdeslem

Page 307

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Bioinformatics analysis and expression of a novel protein ROP48 in Toxoplasma gondii

Zhou, Jian / Wang, Lin / Zhou, Aihua / Lu, Gang / Li, Qihang / Wang, Zhilin / Zhu, Meiyan / Zhou, Huaiyu / Cong, Hua / He, Shenyi

Page 319

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Vertical transmission of Trypanosoma evansi in dromedary camels and studies on fetal pathology, diagnosis and treatment

Narnaware, Shirish D. / Ghorui, Samar K. / Kumar, Sanjay / Patil, Nitin V.

Page 329

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Molecular detection and prevalence of Theileria equi and Babesia caballi in horses of central Balkan

Davitkov, Darko / Vucicevic, Milos / Stevanovic, Jevrosima / Krstic, Vanja / Slijepcevic, Dajana / Glavinic, Uros / Stanimirovic, Zoran

Page 337

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Two new species of the genus Pterygosoma (Acariformes: Pterygosomatidae) parasitizing agamid lizards (Sauria: Agamidae) from the Indian subcontinent

Fajfer, Monika

Page 343

Published Online: 03/30/2016

A new species of Spauligodon (Nematoda; Oxyuroidea; Pharyngodonide) and other Helminths in Ptychozoon Kuhli (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from East Malaysia

Bursey, Charles R. / Goldberg, Stephen R. / Lee Grismer, L.

Page 355

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Molecular characterization and phylogeny of some mazocraeidean monogeneans from carangid fish

Tambireddy, Neeraja / Gayatri, Tripathi / Gireesh-Babu, Pathakota / Pavan-Kumar, Annam

Page 360

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Validation of the TrichinEasy® digestion system for the detection of Anisakidae larvae in fish products

Cammilleri, Gaetano / Chetta, Michele / Costa, Antonella / Graci, Stefania / Collura, Rosaria / Buscemi, Maria Drussilla / Cusimano, Maria / Alongi, Angelina / Principato, Deborah / Giangrosso, Giuseppe / Vella, Antonio / Ferrantelli, Vincenzo

Page 369

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Evaluation of the in vitro activity of ceragenins against Trichomonas vaginalis

Polat, Zubeyde Akin / Cetin, Ali / Savage, Poul B.

Page 376

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Prevalence and genotypes of Enterocytozoon bieneusi in sika deer in Jilin province, Northeastern China

Zhang, Xiao-Xuan / Cong, Wei / Liu, Guo-Hua / Ni, Xiao-Ting / Ma, Jian-Gang / Zheng, Wen-Bin / Zhao, Quan / Zhu, Xing-Quan

Page 382

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Endoparasitic fauna of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and golden jackals (Canis aureus) in Serbia

Ilić, Tamara / Becskei, Zsolt / Petrović, Tamaš / Polaček, Vladimir / Ristić, Bojan / Milić, Siniša / Stepanović, Predrag / Radisavljević, Katarina / Dimitrijević, Sanda

Page 389

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Molecular characterization of Giardia duodenalis from white yaks in China

Song, Guang-Yao / Qin, Si-Yuan / Zhao, Guang-Hui / Zhu, Xing-Quan / Zhou, Dong-Hui / Song, Ming-Xin

Page 397

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii among turkeys on family farms in the state of Northeastern Brazil

Sá, Silvio G. / Lima, Débora C.V. / Silva, Luana T.R. / Pinheiro Júnior, José W. / Dubey, Jitender P. / Silva, Jean C.R. / Mota, Rinaldo A.

Page 401

Published Online: 03/30/2016

First report of molecular identification of Cystoisospora suis in piglets with lethal diarrhea in Japan

Matsubayashi, Makoto / Takayama, Hideko / Kusumoto, Masahiro / Murata, Misato / Uchiyama, Yuka / Kaji, Masaya / Sasai, Kazumi / Yamaguchi, Ryosaku / Shibahara, Tomoyuki

Page 406

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Determination of PCT on admission is a useful tool for the assessment of disease severity in travelers with imported Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Righi, Elda / Merelli, Maria / Arzese, Alessandra / Siega, Paola Della / Scarparo, Claudio / Bassetti, Matteo

Page 412

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Dynamics of Theileria orientalis genotype population in cattle in a year-round grazing system

Masatani, Tatsunori / Yoshihara, Shunpei / Matsubara, Atsuko / Gotoh, Takafumi / Takahashi, Hideyuki / Tanaka, Tetsuya / Andoh, Masako / Endo, Yasuyuki / Matsuo, Tomohide

Page 419

Published Online: 03/30/2016

A new isosporoid coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae)from the southern house wren Troglodytes musculus Naumann, 1823 (Passeriformes: Troglodytidae) from Brazil

doBomfim Lopes, Bruno / Rodrigues, Mariana Borges / da Silva, Lidiane Maria / Berto, Bruno Pereira / Luz, Hermes Ribeiro / Ferreira, Ildemar / Lopes, Carlos Wilson Gomes

Page 425

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Mass spectrometry analysis of the excretory-secretory (E-S) products of the model cestode Hymenolepis diminut a reveals their immunogenic properties and the presence of new E-S proteins in cestodes

Bień, Justyna / Sałamatin, Rusłan / Sulima, Anna / Savijoki, Kirsi / Bruce Conn, David / Näreaho, Anu / Młocicki, Daniel

Page 429

Published Online: 03/30/2016

Volume 61, Issue 3 (September 2016)

Epidemiological survey of zoonotic helminths in feral cats in Gran Canaria island (Macaronesian archipelago-Spain)

Rodríguez-Ponce, Eligia / González, Jorge F. / de Felipe, Magnolia Conde / Hernández, Julia N. / Raduan Jaber, J.

Page 443

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Isolation and molecular characterization of Acanthamoeba strains isolated from the oral cavity of immunosuppressed individuals in Tehran, Iran

Memari, Fatemeh / Niyyati, Maryam / Lorenzo-Morales, Jacob / Jonaydi, Zaynab

Page 451

Published Online: 07/21/2016

In vitro observation of the stage conversion of transgenic Toxoplasma gondii RH strain expressing dual fluorescent proteins

Song, Qijun / Sun, Ximeng / Ji, Yongsheng / Yan, Xinlei / Zou, Jun / Zhao, Shiyun / Suo, Xun / Zhu, Xingquan / Liu, Xianyong

Page 456

Published Online: 07/21/2016

New species of Parapharyngodon (Nematoda: Pharyngodonidae) in Phymaturus spp. (Iguania: Liolaemidae) from Argentina

Ramallo, Geraldine / Bursey, Charles / Castillo, Gabriel / Acosta, Juan Carlos

Page 461

Published Online: 07/21/2016

High occurrence of Acanthamoeba genotype T4 in soil sources from Bolívar State, Venezuela

Wagner, Carolina / Reyes-Batlle, María / Hernán, Aurora / Rojas, Elsy / Pérez, Gladymar / López-Arencibia, Atteneri / Sifaoui, Ines / Martínez-Carretero, Enrique / Pinero, José E. / Valladares, Basilio / Lorenzo-Morales, Jacob

Page 466

Published Online: 07/21/2016

New larval trematodes in Biomphalaria species (Planorbidae) from Northeastern Argentina

Fernández, María Virginia / Hamann, Monika Inés / de Núnez, Margarita Ostrowski

Page 471

Published Online: 07/21/2016

The occurrence of the common European fish cestode Caryophyllaeus laticeps (Pallas, 1781) in the River Irtysh, China: a morphological characterization and molecular data

Xi, Bing Wen / Barčák, Daniel / Oros, Mikuláš / Chen, Kai / Xie, Jun

Page 493

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Occurrence of Toxoplasma gondii in domestic rabbits of Northeastern Brazil

de Lima, Débora Costa Viegas / Santos, André de Souza / da Silva, Luana Thamires Rapôso / de Melo, Renata Pimentel Bandeira / da Silva, José Givanildo / Júnior, José Wilton Pinheiro / Mota, Rinaldo Aparecido

Page 500

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Supplementary studies on Anacanthorus penilabiatus and Mymarothecium viatorum (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) from Piaractus mesopotamicus (Characiformes: Serrasalmidae) in Brazil

Müller, Maria Isabel / Ceccarelli, Paulo Sargio / Ueta, Marlene Tiduko

Page 508

Published Online: 07/21/2016

A new species of Hemipera Nicoll, 1913 (Digenea: Derogenidae) from fishes of the intertidal rocky zone of Chile

Díaz, Pablo E. / Munoz, Gabriela / George-Nascimento, Mario

Page 516

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Prevalence and first molecular identification of Sarcocystis species in cattle and water buffaloes in India

Daptardar, Monal / Singh, Balbir Bagicha / Aulakh, Rabinder Singh / Gill, Jatinder Paul Singh

Page 523

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Redescription of Proctophantastes gillissi (Overstreet et Pritchard, 1977) (Trematoda: Zoogonidae) with discussion on the systematic position of the genus Proctophantastes Odhner, 1911

Sokolov, Sergey / Gordeev, Ilya / Lebedeva, Daria

Page 529

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Prevalence and distribution of human Plasmodium infection in Federally Administrative Tribal Areas of Pakistan

Hussain, Irfan / Qureshi, Naveeda Akhtar / Afzal, Muhammad / Shaheen, Nargis / Ali, Abid / Ashraf, Asma

Page 537

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Prevalence and risk factors associated with endoparasitosis of dogs and cats in Espírito Santo, Brazil

Campos, Diefrey Ribeiro / Oliveira, Luanna Castro / de Siqueira, Daniele Fassina / Perin, Lívia Reisen / Campos, Nayara Camatta / Aptekmann, Karina Preising / Martins, Isabella Vilhena Freire

Page 544

Published Online: 07/21/2016

A new species of Ergasilus (Copepoda: Ergasilidae) from Geophagus altifrons and G. argyrostictus (Perciformes: Cichlidae) in the Brazilian Amazon

Taborda, Naraiana Lopes / Paschoal, Fabiano / Luque, José Luis

Page 549

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Vaccination with a cocktail of Ancylostoma ceylanicum recombinant antigens leads to worm burden reduction in hamsters

Wiśniewski, Marcin / Łapiński, Maciej / Daniłowicz-Luebert, Emilia / Jaros, Sławomir / Długosz, Ewa / Wędrychowicz, Halina

Page 556

Published Online: 07/21/2016

A new quill mite Syringophiloidus plocei sp. nov. (Prostigmata: Syringophilidae) parasitizing ploceid birds (Passeriformes) in Gabon – a combined description using morphology and DNA barcoding

Glowska, Eliza / Broda, Lukasz / Gebhard, Christina A. / Dabert, Miroslawa

Page 562

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Redescription of Oswaldocruzia chambrieri (Strongylida: Molineidae) from Rhinella margaritifera (Anura: Bufonidae) in Caxiuana National Forest, Brazil

Willkens, Yuri / Maldonado, Arnaldo / dos Santos, Jeannie Nascimento / Maschio, Gleomar Fabiano / de Vasconcelos Melo, Francisco Tiago

Page 567

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Helminth parasites of the Mediterranean gecko, Hemidactylus turcicus (Sauria: Gekkonidae), from Texas, United States with a summary of helminths of this host

McAllister, Chris T. / Bursey, Charles R.

Page 576

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Molecular screening for bacteria and protozoa in great cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis) nesting in Slovakia, central Europe

Víchová, Bronislava / Reiterová, Katarína / Špilovská, Silvia / Blaňarová, Lucia / Hurníková, Zuzana / Turčeková, Ĺudmila

Page 585

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Description of three species of Isorchis (Digenea: Atractotrematidae) from Australia

Andres, Michael J. / Pulis, Eric E. / Overstreet, Robin M.

Page 590

Published Online: 07/21/2016

First survey of parasitic helminths of goats along the Han River in Hubei Province, China

Yang, Xin / Gasser, Robin B. / Fang, Rui / Zeng, Jinrong / Zhu, Kaixiang / Qi, Mingwei / Zhang, Zongze / Tan, Li / Lei, Weiqiang / Zhou, Yanqin / Zhao, Junlong / Hu, Min

Page 602

Published Online: 07/21/2016

A new species of Acanthocotyle Monticelli, 1888 (Platyhelminthes: Monogenea: Acanthocotylidae) from the ventral skin of the banded stingaree, Urolophus cruciatus (Lacépede, 1804), from Tasmania, Australia

Kearn, Graham / Whittington, Ian / Chisholm, Leslie / Evans-Gowing, Richard

Page 607

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Taxonomy, distribution and prevalence of parasites of tigerfish, Hydrocynus vittatus (Castelnau, 1861) in the Sanyati basin, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

Mabika, Nyasha / Barson, Maxwell / Van Dyk, Cobus / Avenant-Oldewage, Annemarie

Page 614

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Occurrence of Microsporidium sp. and other pathogens in Ips amitinus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Holuša, Jaroslav / Lukášová, Karolina / Žižka, Zdenek / Händel, Uwe / Haidler, Bernhard / Wegensteiner, Rudolf

Page 621

Published Online: 07/21/2016

A new feather mite of the genus Trouessartia Canestrini 1899 (Acariformes: Trouessartiidae) from the Seychelles magpie-robin, Copsychus sechellarum (Passeriformes: Muscicapidae)

Mironov, Sergey V. / Palma, Ricardo L.

Page 629

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Research Note

Coprology of a single Northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus): first report of Isospora rastegaievae in Poland

Pyziel, Anna M. / Jeżewski, Witold

Page 636

Published Online: 07/21/2016

First report on the molecular characterization of Diaphorocleidus armillatus Jogunoori et al. 2004 (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) infecting the gills of introduced fish, Gymnocorymbus ternetzi in India

Chaudhary, Anshu / Verma, Chandni / Singh, Hridaya Shanker

Page 639

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Increased level of soluble adenosine deaminase in bone marrow of visceral leishmaniasis patients: an inverse relation with parasite load

Rai, Ambak K. / Kumar, Prabin / Saini, Sheetal / Thakur, Chandreshwar P. / Seth, Tulika / Mitra, Dipendra K.

Page 645

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Isolation of thermotolerant Vermamoeba vermiformis strains from water sources in Lanzarote Island, Canary Islands, Spain

Reyes-Batlle, María / Wagner, Carolina / Zamora-Herrera, Jonadab / Vargas-Mesa, Alejandro / Sifaoui, Ines / González, Ana C. / López-Arencibia, Atteneri / Valladares, Basilio / Martínez-Carretero, Enrique / Pinero, José E. / Lorenzo-Morales, Jacob

Page 650

Published Online: 07/21/2016

ErratumThe infection of reintroduced ruminants – Bison bonasus and Alces alces – with Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Northern Poland

Karbowiak, Grzegorz / Vichová, Bronislava / Werszko, Joanna / Demiaszkiewicz, Aleksander W. / Pyziel, Anna M. / Sytykiewicz, Hubert / Szewczyk, Tomasz / Pefko, Branislav

Page 654

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Coccidiosis in European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus algirus) populations in the Iberian Peninsula

Silva, Sofia Marques / Ferreira, Catarina / Paupério, Joana / Silva, Rodolfo Miguel / Alves, Paulo Célio / Lemos, Armando

Page 655

Published Online: 07/21/2016

Volume 61, Issue 4 (December 2016)

Internal parasitic fauna of elk (Alces alces) in Poland

Filip, Katarzyna J. / Demiaszkiewicz, Aleksander W.

Page 657

Published Online: 10/22/2016

Research Article

First report of mixed Entamoeba polecki (ST 1) and E. suis infection in piglets shedding abnormalfeces by histopathological and molecular surveys

Matsubayashi, Makoto / Sasagawa, Yuri / Aita, Tsunehiko / Tokoro, Masaharu / Haritani, Makoto / Shibahara, Tomoyuki

Page 665

Published Online: 10/22/2016

Genotyping of Cryptosporidium spp. in environmental water in Turkey

Koloren, Zeynep / Ayaz, Emine

Page 671

Published Online: 10/22/2016

Tranmission pattern differences of miracidia and cercariae larval stages of digenetic trematode parasites

Zimmermann, Michael R. / Luth, Kyle E. / Esch, Gerald W.

Page 680

Published Online: 10/22/2016

Characteristics, behaviors and association between Human African Trypanosomiasis and HIV seropositivity among volunteer blood donors in a semi-rural area: A survey from Kikwit, the Democratic Republic of Congo

Ndilu, Lefils Kasiama / Ekila, Mathilde Bothale / Mayuma, Donald Fundji / Musaka, Alain / Wumba, Roger / Aloni, Michel Ntetani

Page 689

Published Online: 10/22/2016

Comparison of indirect fluorescent antibody test and the modified agglutination test for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in stray dogs from Southern Brazil

de Almeida, Jonatas Campos / Frehse, Michelle Salmon / Navarro, Italmar Teodorico / Garcia, Joao Luis / Biondo, Alexander Welker / Freire, Roberta Lemos

Page 694

Published Online: 10/22/2016

Critical analysis of vector-borne infections in dogs: Babesia vogeli, Babesia gibsoni, Ehrlichia canis and Hepatozoon canis in Punjab, India

Singla, Lachhman Das / Sumbria, Deepak / Mandhotra, Ajay / Bal, M.S. / Kaur, Paramjit

Page 697

Published Online: 10/22/2016

A new species of Trichodina Ehrenberg, 1830 (Ciliophora: Trichodinidae) from Rhamdia quelen (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae) and Gymnotus sp. (Teleostei: Gymnotidae) in Brazil

Hashimoto, Gabriela S.O. / Marchiori, Natalia C. / Pádua, Santiago B. / Ishikawa, Márcia M. / Garcia, Juan R.E. / Martins, Maurício L.

Page 707

Published Online: 10/22/2016

Monocotyle luquei n. sp. (Monogenea: Monocotylidae), from the gills of diamond stingray Dasyatis dipterura (Jordan and Gilbert, 1880) (Myliobatiformes: Dasyatidae), in the South Pacific

Chero, Jhon D. / Cruces, Celso L. / Iannacone, José / Sanchez, Lidia / Minaya, David / Sáez, Gloria / Alvarino, Lorena

Page 713

Published Online: 10/24/2016

First record of Hammerschmidtiella diesingi (Hammerschmidt, 1838) (Oxyuridomorpha: Thelastomatidae) parasite of Periplaneta americana (Linnaeus, 1758) (Blattodea: Blattidae) in Japan, morphological and molecular characterization

Sriwati, Rina / Ozawa, Sota / Morffe, Jans / Hasegawa, Koichi

Page 720

Published Online: 10/24/2016

The genus Ixodes (Acari: Ixodidae) in China with three new record species

Guo, Yu / Sun, Yi / Xu, Rongman

Page 729

Published Online: 10/24/2016

First insights into indoor and outdoor Culicoides activity related to the risk period for Bluetongue virus transmission in Eastern Slovakia

Sarvašová, Adela / Kočišová, Alica / Liptáková, Erika / Hiavatá, Helena / Mathieu, Bruno

Page 743

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Detection of Theileria lestoquardi cross infection in cattle with clinical theileriosis in Iran

Jalali, Seyedeh Missagh / Jolodar, Abbas / Rasooli, Aria / Darabifard, Ameneh

Page 756

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum in red foxes in Slovakia

Reiterová, Katarína / Špilovská, Silvia / Čobádiová, Andrea / Hurníková, Zuzana

Page 762

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Epidemiological survey on Leishmania infection in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and hunting dogs sharing the same rural area in Southern Italy

Piantedosi, Diego / Veneziano, Vincenzo / Di Muccio, Trentina / Manzillo, Valentina Foglia / Fiorentino, Eleonora / Scalone, Aldo / Neola, Benedetto / Di Prisco, Francesca / D’Alessio, Nicola / Gradoni, Luigi / Oliva, Gaetano / Gramiccia, Marina

Page 769

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Fasciola hepatica infection in humans: overcoming problems for the diagnosis

Carnevale, Silvana / Malandrini, Jorge Bruno / Pantano, María Laura / Sawicki, Mirna / Soria, Claudia Cecilia / Kuo, Lein Hung / Kamenetzky, Laura / Astudillo, Osvaldo Germán / Velásquez, Jorge Néstor

Page 776

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Isolation and molecular characterization of Acanthamoeba genotypes isolated from soil sources of public and recreational areas in Iran

Karamati, Seyed Ahmad / Niyyati, Maryam / Lorenzo-Morales, Jacob / Lasjerdi, Zohreh

Page 784

Published Online: 10/24/2016

A genetic structure of novel population of Fascioloides magna from Poland, Podkarpackie Province, indicates an expanding second European natural focus of fascioloidosis

Juhásová, Ľudmila / Bazsalovicsová, Eva / Králová-Hromadová, Ivica / Karamon, Jacek

Page 790

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Genotyping of clinical isolates of Acanthamoeba genus in Venezuela

Wagner, Carolina / Reyes-Batlle, María / Ysea, María Alejandra Vethencourt / Pérez, Mónica V. Galindo / de Rondón, Carmen Guzmán / Paduani, Anaibeth J. Nessi / Pérez, Angelyseb Dorta / López-Arencibia, Atteneri / Sifaoui, Ines / de Galindo, María Virginia Pérez / de Suárez, Eva Pérez / Martínez-Carretero, Enrique / Valladares, Basilio / Pinero, José E. / Lorenzo-Morales, Jacob

Page 796

Published Online: 10/24/2016

The prevalence of helminth parasites in Pelophylax nigromaculatus (Anura: Ranidae) from Shanghai, China

Men, Qifei / Han, Hongyu / Zhao, Qiping / Xia, Weili / Dong, Hui / Zhu, Shunhai / Wang, Ziwen / Li, Cong / Zhu, Xuelong / Huang, Bing

Page 802

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Ocular symptoms reported by patients infested with Demodex mites

Sędzikowska, Aleksandra / Osęka, Maciej / Grytner-Zięcina, Barbara

Page 808

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) as a potential reservoir for Echinococcus granulosus: A public health implication

Abdel-Moein, Khaled A. / Hamza, Dalia A.

Page 815

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Redescription of Rhabdochona papuanensis (Nematoda: Thelazioidea), a parasite of rainbow fishes (Melanotaenia spp.); the first record of the species of Rhabdochona in Australia

Moravec, František / Adlard, Robert

Page 820

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Development of a rapid and reliable assay for in vitro determination of compound cidality against the asexual stages of Plasmodium falciparum

Viswanath, Pavithra / Morayya, Sapna / Rautela, Nikhil / Sinha, Achyut

Page 828

Published Online: 10/24/2016

A case of persisting massive infection of Scomberomorus commerson, a commercially exploited scombrid fish, with Cybicola armatus (Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida: Pseudocycnidae)

Helna, Ameri Kottarathil / Sudha, Kappalli / Aneesh, Panakkool Thamban / Piasecki, Wojciech / Anilkumar, Gopinathan

Page 836

Published Online: 10/24/2016

The PCR and nested PCR detection of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Babesia microti in Dermacentor reticulatus F. collected in a new location in Poland (Trzciel, Western Poland)

Opalińska, Patrycja / Wierzbicka, Anna / Asman, Marek

Page 849

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Cutaneous leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania infantum in Southern Israel

Ben-Shimol, Shalom / Sagi, Orli / Horev, Amir / Avni, Yonat Shemer / Ziv, Mati / Riesenberg, Klaris

Page 855

Published Online: 10/24/2016

Research Note

A morphological study of Diplodiscus subclavatus (Pallas, 1760) (Trematoda: Diplodiscidae) adults from the accidental host, Viviparus contectus (Millet, 1813) (Caenogastropoda: Viviparidae)

Cichy, Anna / Żbikowska, Elżbieta

Page 859

Published Online: 10/24/2016