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Number 1, March 2006


Ortega-Mora Luis M., Fernandez-Garcia Aurora and Gomez-Bautista Mercedes - Diagnosis of bovine neosporosis: Recent advances and perspectives 1-14.
Hemphill Andrew and Gottstein Bruno - Neospora caninum and neosporosis - recent achievements in host and parasite cell biology and treatment 15-25.


Rocka Anna - Helminths of Antarctic fishes: Life cycle biology, specificity and geographical distribution 26-35.


Brickle Paul, Kalavati Chaganti and MacKenzie Ken - Henneguya shackletoni sp. nov. (Myxosporea, Bivalvulida, Myxobolidae) from the Falklands mullet, Eleginops maclovinus (Cuvier) (Teleostei, Eleginopidae) in the Falkland Islands 36-39.
Glennon Vanessa, Chisholm Leslie A. and Whittington Ian D. - Pseudoleptobothrium aptychotremae Young, 1967 (Monogenea, Microbothriidae) redescribed from a new host, Trygonorrhina fasciata (Rhinobatidae) in South Australia with a description of the larva and post-larval development 40-46.
Lunaschi Lia I. and Drago Fabiana B. - Description of a new species of Dolichorchis (Digenea, Diplostomidae) in the cocoi heron, Ardea cocoi (Aves, Ardeidae), from Argentina 47-50.
Ibraheem Mohammed H. and Mackiewicz John S. - Scolex development, morphology and mode of attachment of Wenyonia virilis Woodland, 1923 (Cestoidea, Caryophyllidea) 51-58.
Kvach Yuriy - A morphological study of Acanthocephaloides propinquus (Acanthocephala, Arhythmacanthidae) parasitising gobiid fishes (Teleostei, Gobiidae) in the northwestern Black Sea 59-64.
Mironov Sergey V. and Wauthy Georges - Three new species of the feather mite genus Pteroherpus Gaud, 1981 (Astigmata, Pteronyssidae) from the bulbuls (Passeriformes, Pycnonotidae) in Africa 65-72.
Gomez-Barrio Alicia, Montero-Pereira David, Nogal-Ruiz Juan J., Escario Jose A., Muelas-Serrano Susana, Kouznetsov Vladimir V., Vargas Mendez Leonor Y., Urbina Gonzales Juan M. and Ochoa Carmen - Antiparasitic properties of homoallylamines and related compounds73-78.


Cavalcante Marcela M.F.P., Cavalcanti Jose E., Costa-Cruz Julia M., Barbosa Alverne P., Silva Simonne A. and Campos Dulcinea M.B. - Clinical, epidemiological and laboratory criteria for the diagnosis of human cysticercosis in Brazilian patients 79-81.

Number 2, June 2006


Professor Bernard Bezubik - 83-86.


Faltynkova Anna, Horackova Eva, Hirtova Lenka, Novobilsky Adam, Modry David and Scholz Tomas - Is Radix peregra a new intermediate host of Fascioloides magna (Trematoda) in Europe? Field and experimental evidence 87-90.
Haukisalmi Voitto and Rausch Robert L. - Anoplocephalid cestodes of wood rats (Neotoma spp.) in the western U.S.A. 91-99.
Alarcos Ana J., Ivanov Veronica A. and Sardella Norma H. - Distribution patterns and interactions of cestodes in the spiral intestine of the narrownose smooth-hound shark, Mustelus schmitti Springer, 1939 (Chondrichthyes, Carcharhiniformes) 100-106.
Reiterova Katarina, Dziemian Ewa, Miterpakova Martina, Antolova Daniela, Kolodziej-Sobocinska Marta, Machnicka Barbara and Dubinsky Pavol - Occurrence of Echinococcus multilocularis in red foxes from the Carpathian regions of Slovakia and Poland 107-110.
Moravec Frantisek, Ternengo Sonia and Levron Celine - Three species of Philometra (Nematoda, Philometridae) from marine fishes off Corsica, France 111-118.
Eira Catarina, Miquel Jordi, Vingada Jose and Torres Jordi - Natural infection of Oryctolagus cuniculus (Lagomorpha, Leporidae) by Gongylonema neoplasticum (Nematoda, Gongylonematidae) in Portugal 119-122.
Hassanine Reda M. El-S. - Acanthocephalans from Red Sea fishes. Family Cavisomidae Meyer, 1932: The seasonal cycle of Diplosentis nudus (Harada, 1938) Pichelin et Cribb, 2001 in a definitive fish host, and a comment on Sclerocollum Schmidt et Paperna, 1978 123-129.
Santos Xavier, Martinez-Freiria Fernando, Pleguezuelos Juan M. and Roca Vicente - First helminthological data on Iberian vipers: Helminth communities and host-parasite relationships 130-135.
Bochkov Andre V. and Literak Ivan - A review of the European Harpirhynchidae (Acari, Prostigmata) with the description of a new species 136-142.
Moczon Tadeusz and Swietlikowska Agnieszka - Distribution of acetylcholinesterase activity during the development of cysticercoids of Hymenolepis diminuta (Cestoda)143-151.
Moczon Tadeusz - Accumulation and utilization of lipids during the development of Hymenolepis diminuta cysticercoids 152-155.


Richards D. Grant, Whithear Kevin G., Scott Peter C. and Gasser Robin B. - Reproductive characteristics of a precocious vaccine line (Rt3+15) of Eimeria tenella in embryonating chicken eggs 156-159.


Mizgajska-Wiktor Hanna - Nematode Behaviour (Eds. R. Gaugler and A.L. Bilgrami). CABI Publishing, 2004, ISBN 0 85199 8186, XXIV + 419 pp. 160

Number 3, September 2006


Dubey J.P., Rosenthal Benjamin M., Morales Juan A. and Alfaro Alejandro - Morphologic and genetic characterization of Sarcocystis sp. from the African grey parrot, Psittacus erithacus, from Costa Rica 161-168.
Bray Rodney A. and Kuchta Roman - Digeneans from deep-sea marine teleosts off the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, including the description of Brachyenteron helicoleni sp. nov. (Zoogonidae) 169-175.
Hassanine Reda M. El-S. - Trematodes from Red Sea fishes: Pachycreadium lethrini sp. nov. (Opecoelidae Ozaki, 1925) and Pseudometadena aegyptensis sp. nov. (Cryptogonimidae Ward, 1917), with a review of their genera 176-181.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Miquel Jordi, Mlocicki Daniel, Neifar Lassad, Grytner-Ziecina Barbara and Mackiewicz John S. - Ultrastructural and cytochemical studies on vitellogenesis in trypanorhynch cestode Dollfusiella spinulifera Beveridge, Neifar et Euzet, 2004 (Eutetrarhynchidae) 182-193.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Miquel Jordi, Mlocicki Daniel, Neifar Lassad, Grytner-Ziecina Barbara and Mackiewicz John S. - Ultrastructure of vitellocytes in the cestode Progrillotia pastinacae Dollfus, 1946 (Trypanorhyncha, Progrillotiidae) 194-199.
Yoneva Aneta, Georgieva Katia, Mizinska Yana, Georgiev Boyko B. and Stoitsova Stoyanka R. - Ultrastructure of spermiogenesis and mature spermatozoon of Skrjabinoporus merops (Cyclophyllidea, Metadilepididae) 200-208.
Valero Adela, Lopez-Cuello Maria del Mar, Benitez Rocio and Adroher Francisco J. - Anisakis spp. in European hake, Merluccius merluccius (L.) from the Atlantic off north-west Africa and the Mediterranean off southern Spain 209-212.
Bursey Charles R., Goldberg Stephen R. and Kraus Fred - A new species of Cosmocerca (Nematoda, Cosmocercidae) and other helminths from Genyophryne thomsoni (Anura, Microhylidae) from Papua New Guinea 213-216.
Zanca Fernanda and de Villalobos Cristina - South American species of Paragordius Camerano, 1897 (Gordiida, Nematomorpha), with redescription of Paragordius minusculus and a description of a new species 217-222.
Trilles Jean-Paul and Bariche Michel - First record of the Indo-Pacific Cymothoa indica (Crustacea, Isopoda, Cymothoidae), a Lessepsian species in the Mediterranean Sea 223-230.

Number 4, December 2006


Dubey J.P. and Morales Juan A. - Morphologic characterization of Sarcocystis sp. sarcocysts from the Buffon's macaw (Ara ambigua) 231-237.
Curran Stephen S., Tkach Vasyl V. and Overstreet Robin M. - A review of Polylekithum Arnold, 1934 and its familial affinities using morphological and molecular data, with description of Polylekithum catahoulensis sp. nov. 238-248.
Hassanine Reda M. El-S. - Trematodes from Red Sea fishes: Proneohelicometra aegyptensis gen. nov., sp. nov. (Opecoelidae Ozaki, 1925) and Neohypocreadium gibsoni sp. nov. (Lepocreadiidae Odhner, 1905) 249-254.
Poddubnaya Larisa G., Gibson David I., Swiderski Zdzislaw and Olson Peter D. - Vitellocyte ultrastructure in the cestode Didymobothrium rudolphii (Monticelli, 1890): possible evidence for the recognition of divergent taxa within the Spathebothriidea 255-263.
Yoneva Aneta, Miquel Jordi, Swiderski Zdzislaw, Georgieva Katia, Mizinska Yana and Georgiev Boyko B. - Ultrastructure of spermiogenesis and mature spermatozoon of Angularella beema (Clerc, 1906) (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea, Dilepididae) 264-272.
Moravec Frantisek, Spratt David M. and Kay Winston R. - New observations on Micropleura australiensis (Nematoda, Dracunculoidea), a parasite of crocodiles in Australia 273-278.
Moravec Frantisek, Scholz Tomas, Kuchta Roman, Dykova Iva and Posel Petr - New data on the morphology of Nilonema senticosum (Nematoda, Philometridae), a parasite of Arapaima gigas (Pisces), with notes on another philometrid, Alinema amazonicum, in Peru 279-285.
Rossin Maria A., Timi Juan T. and Malizia Ana I. - A new species of Trichostrongylus (Nematoda, Trichostrongyloidea) parasitizing the subterranean rodent Ctenomys talarum (Rodentia, Octodontidae) from Mar de Cobo, Argentina 286-289.
Etchegoin Jorge A., Timi Juan T. and Lanfranchi Ana L. - Redescription of Neobrachiella spinicephala (Ringuelet, 1945) parasitic on Pinguipes brasilianus Cuvier, 1829 from Argentina, with the first description of the male 290-293.
Hamann Monika I., Gonzalez Cynthya E. and Kehr Arturo I. - Helminth community structure of the oven frog Leptodactylus latinasus (Anura, Leptodactylidae) from Corrientes, Argentina 294-299.
Eira Catarina, Torres Jordi, Vingada Jose and Miquel Jordi - Ecological aspects influencing the helminth community of the wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus in Dunas de Mira, Portugal 300-308.


Okten Ali I., Ergun Ruchan and Gezercan Yurdal - Primary intracranial extradural hydatid cyst localized in the supra- and infra-tentorium 309-310.

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