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Number 1, January 2000


Behnke Jerzy M., Lowe Anna, Menge David, Iraqi Fuad and Wakelin Derek - Mapping genes for resistance to gastrointestinal nematodes. 1-13.


Borgsteede Fred H. M., Okulewicz Anna, Okulewicz Jerzy - A study of the helminth fauna of birds belonging to the Passeriformes in the Netherlands. 14-21.
Moczon Tadeusz, Swiderski Zdzislaw - Schistosoma japonicum: Cytochemistry of the Mehlis' gland and of the ootype wall. 22-28.
Moskwa Bozena - The immune response against gastrointestinal nematodes in naturally infected Polish Wrzosowka sheep. III. Comparison of IgG response against different antigen preparations of adult Haemonchus contortus in young ewes. 29-34.
Luzna-Lyskov Agata, Andrzejewska Izabela, Lesicka Urszula, Szewczyk-Kramska Beata, Luty Tomasz, Pawlowski Zbigniew S. - Clinical interpretation of eosinophilia and ELISA values (OD) in toxocarosis. 35-39.
Luzna-Lyskov Agata - Toxocarosis in children living in a highly contaminated area. An epidemiological and clinical study. 40-42.
Gwiazdowicz Dariusz J. - Mites (Acari, Gamasida) associated with insects in the Bialowieza National Park. 43-47.
Bogus Mieczyslawa I., Szczepanik Maria - Histopathology of Conidiobolus coronatus (Entomophthorales) infection in Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera) larvae. 48-54.


Majewska Anna C., Kasprzak Witold - New axenic isolates of Giardia from primates. 55-56.
Kristofik Jan - Synonymical notes to the Menacanthus species (Phthiraptera, Menoponidae) living on Passeriformes (Aves). 57-58.

Number 2, April 2000


Tielens Aloysius G. M. - The carbohydrate metabolism of Fasciola hepatica, an example of biochemical adaptations in parasitic helminths. 59-66.


Upton Steve J., Whitaker Brent - New species of Isospora (Apicomplexa, Eimeriidae) from the troupial and white-edged oriole (Icterus spp.) (Aves, Passeriformes, Icteridae). 67-70.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Tkach Vasyl V., Vaucher Claude - Fine structure of the infective eggs of the dilepidid cestode Hepatocestus hepaticus (Baer, 1932), a parasite of shrews. 71-82.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Chomicz Lidia, Grytner-Ziecina Barbara, Tkach Vasyl V. - Electron microscope study on vitellogenesis in Catenotaenia pusilla (Goeze, 1782) (Cyclophyllidea, Catenotaeniidae). 83-88.
Gonzalez Raul A., Kroeck Marina A. - Enteric helminths of the shortfin squid Illex argentinus in San Matias Gulf (Argentina) as stock discriminants. 89-93.
Moravec Frantisek, Karlsbakk Egil - Capillostrongyloides norvegica sp. n. (Nematoda, Capillariidae) from the stomach of the marine fish, Enchelyopus cimbrius, from western Norway. 94-98.
Etchegoin Jorge A., Cremonte Florencia, Navone Graciela T. - Synhimantus (Synhimantus) laticeps (Rudolphi, 1819) Railliet, Henry et Sisoff, 1912 (Nematoda, Acuariidae) parasitic in Tyto alba (Gmelin) (Aves, Tytonidae) in Argentina. 99-106.
Cielecka Danuta, Chomicz Lidia, Piekarczyk Janusz, Walski Michal, Zawadzki Pawel J., Bednarczyk Agata, Szubinska Dorota - Oral cavity condition and the occurrence of parasitic protozoans in patients with genetic diseases. 107-112.
Cabaj Wladyslaw, Choromanski Leszek, Rodgers Sandy, Moskwa Bozena, Malczewski Andrzej - Neospora caninum infections in aborting dairy cows in Poland. 113-114.
Doligalska Maria, Mijal Joanna - IgG1 and IgG2a responses specific to Trichinella spiralis during subsequent infection with Heligmosomoides polygyrus in BALB/c mice. 115-120.


Kedra Aleksander H., Tkach Vasyl V., Swiderski Zdzislaw P., Pawlowski Zbigniew, Emets Aleksander, Pawlowski Jan - Molecular characterisation of Echinococcus granulosus from a wild boar. 121-122.


Machnicka Barbara - Fasciolosis. (Ed. J. P. Dalton), CABI Publishing - CAB International 1999, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 8DE, U.K., 1123-124.

Number 3, July 2000


VIII European Multicolloquium of Parasitology
10-14 September 2000, Poznan, Poland

About abstracts 126
Abstract book contents 127-130
Abstracts 131-276
Author's index 277

Number 4, October 2000


Kalavati Chaganti, Brickle Paul, MacKenzie Ken - Two new species of myxozoan parasites (Myxosporea, Multivalvulida, Bivalvulida) from fishes of the Falkland Islands 285-288.
Jalali Behiar, Shamsi Shokoofeh, Molnar Kalman - New Dactylogyrus species (Monogenea, Dactylogyridae) from cyprinid fishes of the Bahu-Kalat River in Southeast Iran 289-294.
Bray Rodney A., Cribb Thomas H. - Venusicola inusitatus gen. n., sp. n. (Digenea, Acanthocolpidae) from the Venus tuskfish Cherodon venustus (De Vis) from the southern Great Barrier Reef 295-298.
Bray Rodney A., Moore Alec B. M. - The first record of the elasmobranch parasite Diphterostomum betencourti (Monticelli, 1893) (Digenea, Zoogonidae) in the coastal waters of southern England 299-302.
Sitko Jilji - First record of Stromitrema koschewnikowi (Skryabin et Massino, 1925) (Digenea, Dicrocoeliidae) in the Czech Republic 303-306.
Niewiadomska Katarzyna, Czubaj Andrzej - Ultrastructure of the excretory system in the metacercaria of Diplostomum pseudospathaceum Niew., 1984 (Digenea) 307-321.
Swiderski Zdzislaw, Tkach Vasyl V., Salamatin Ruslan V. - Oncospheral hook morphogenesis in the cestode Dilepis undula (Schrank, 1788) (Cyclophyllidea, Dilepididae) 322-331.
Caspeta-Mandujano Juan Manuel, Moravec Frantisek - Two new intestinal nematodes of Profundulus labialis (Pisces, Profundulidae) from fresh waters in Mexico 332-339.
Cabaj Wladyslaw, Pozio Edoardo, Moskwa Bozena, Malczewski Andrzej - Trichinella britovi and T. spiralis in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in Poland 340-344.
Gonzalez Raul A., Tanzola Ruben D. - On the presence of Sarcotaces verrucosus (Copepoda) in the Southwest Atlantic 345-349.


Cielecka Danuta, Borsuk Piotr, Grytner-Ziecina Barbara, Turkowicz Monika - First detection of Trichomonas tenax in dog and cat by PCR-RFLP 350-352.
Kedra Aleksander H., Swiderski Zdzislaw, Rocki Boguslaw, Tkach Vasyl V., Pawlowski Zbigniew - Variability within NADH dehydrogenase sequences of Echinococcus multilocularis 353-355.
Derda Monika, Hadas Edward - Antioxidants and proteolytic enzymes in experimental trichinellosis 356-361.


Wedrychowicz Halina - Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates. Their Development and Transmission. by R. C. Anderson, 362.

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