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Number 1, March 2003


Kalisinska Elzbieta, Betlejewska Katarzyna M., Schmidt Marcin, Gozdzicka-Jozefiak Anna and Tomczyk Grzegorz - Protozoal macrocysts in the skeletal muscles of a mallard duck in Poland: the first recorded case 1-5.
Kuzmin Yuriy - Rhabdias japalurae sp. nov. (Nematoda, Rhabdiasidae) from the japalures (Reptilia, Agamidae) and some notes on other Rhabdias spp. from lizards 6-11.
Digiani Maria Celina and Durette-Desset Marie-Claude - Two new species of Nippostrongylinae (Nematoda, Heligmosomoidea, Heligmonellidae) from a sigmodontine rodent in Argentina 12-18.
Alves Dimitri R., Luque Jose L. and Paraguassu Aline R. - Acanthochondria triangularis sp. nov. (Copepoda, Poecilostomatoida, Chondracanthidae) parasitic on Urophycis brasiliensis and U. mystaceus (Osteichthyes, Phycidae) 19-23.
Bochkov Andre V., and Labrzycka Anna - A revision of the European species of the genus Myobia von Heyden, 1826 (Acari, Myobiidae) 24-40.
Moravec Frantisek and Frantova Denisa - Observations on the transmission and the seasonality of infection of the nematode Cystidicoloides ephemeridarum in Salmo trutta fario in a small trout stream in North Bohemia, the Czech Republic 41-46.
Aisien Siaka O., Ajakaiye Francisca B. and Braimoh Kareem - Helminth parasites of anurans from the savannah-mosaic zone of south-western Nigeria 47-54.
Torres Jordi, Manas Sisco, Palazon Santiago, Cena Juan C., Miquel Jordi and Feliu Carlos - Helminth parasites of Mustela lutreola (Linnaeus, 1761) and M. vison Schreber, 1777 in Spain 55-59.
Kijewska Agnieszka, Jankowski Zbigniew, Kuklik Iwona and Rokicki Jerzy - Pathological changes in the auditory organs of the harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena, L.) associated with Stenurus minor (Kühn, 1829) 60-63.
Gunnarsson Lotta, Zakrisson Goran, Christensson Dan and Uggla Arvid - Transmission of the canine nasal mite, Pneumonyssoides caninum 64-67.


Swiderski Zdzislaw - Parasitism. The Ecology and Evolution of Intimate Interactions by C. Combes, translated by Isaure de Buron and Vincent A. Connors; forwarded by Daniel Simberloff, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, 2001, ISBN 0-226-11445-7, ISBN 0-226-11446-5 pp. 728 68.
Wedrychowicz Halina - Parasitic Nematodes: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology (Eds. M.W. Kennedy and W. Harnett). CABI Publishing, 2001, ISBN 0 85199 423 7 pp. 486 69.

Number 2, June 2003


Professor Boris I. Kuperman (1933-2002) 71-72


Kozak-Cieszczyk Monika and Wedrychowicz Halina - The application of molecular techniques in environmental monitoring of helminth parasites 73-82.


Lunaschi Lia I. - Prosorhynchoides rioplatensis (Szidat, 1970) comb. nov. (Digenea, Bucephalidae) from Catathyridium jenynsii (Günther, 1862) (Pleuronectiformes, Achiridae) in Argentina 83-86.
Tkach Vasyl V., Vasileva Gergana P. and Genov Todor - Description of Vaucherilepis trichophorus sp. nov., gen. nov. (Cyclophyllidea, Hymenolepididae) from water shrews and gammarid crustaceans in Bulgaria and Ukraine 87-97.
Villalobos Cristina de, Rumi Alejandra, Nunez Veronica, Schmidt-Rhaesa Andreas and Zanca Fernanda - Paratenic hosts: larval survival strategy of Paragordius varius (Leidy, 1851) (Gordiida, Nematomorpha) 98-102.
Notarnicola Juliana and T. Navone Graciela - Systematic and distribution of Orihelia anticlava (Molin, 1858) (Nematoda, Orchocercidae) from dasypodids of South America 103-110.
Moravec Frantisek and Prouza Antonin - New data on the morphology of two nematode species from Caiman crocodilus from Venezuela 111-118.
Luque Jose Luis and Paraguassu Aline R. - Redescriptions of two species of Lernanthropus (Copepoda, Siphonostomatoida, Lernanthropidae) parasitic on teleost marine fishes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 119-124.
Semyenova Seraphima K., Morozova Elena V., Christanfova Galina G., Asatrian Ashot M., Movsessian Sergey O., Ryskov Alexey M. - RAPD variability and genetic diversity in two populations of liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica 125-130.
Nowosad Boguslaw, Gruner Lucas, Skalska Marta, Fudalewicz-Niemczyk Wladyslawa, Molenda Krzysztof and Kornas Slawomir - Genetic difference in natural resistance to gastrointestinal nematodes in Polish long-wool, Blackface and Weisses Alpenschaf sheep 131-134.


Paulsen Lucinda and Venter Stephanus N. - Genotyping of Cryptosporidium parvum isolates obtained from humans in South Africa 135-137.
Moskwa Bozena, Cabaj Wladyslaw, Pastusiak Katarzyna and Bien Justyna - The suitability of milk in detection of Neospora caninum infection in cows 138-141.


Swiderski Zdzislaw, Siuda Krzysztof and Prokopowicz Danuta - Encyclopedia of Arthropod-transmitted Infections of Man and Domesticated Animals (Ed. M.W. Service) pp. 579 142.

Number 3, September 2003


Mackiewicz John S. Caryophyllidea (Cestoidea): Molecules, morphology and evolution 143-154


Wita Irena, Karbowiak Grzegorz and Czaplinska Urszula - Trypanosoma (Herpetosoma) microti Laveran et Pettit, 1909 in the social vole, Microtus socialis (Pallas, 1771) from Ukraine 155-162.
Arafa Safaa Z., El-Naggar Mohammed M. and Kearn Graham C. - Scanning electron microscope observations on the monogenean skin parasite Macrogyrodactylus congolensis (Prudhoe, 1957) Yamaguti, 1963 163-171.
Lunaschi Lia, Urriza Marina and Merlo Alvarez Victor H. - Limatulum oklahomense Macy, 1932 in Myotis nigricans (Chiroptera) from Argentina and a redescription of L. umbilicatum (Velez et Thatcher, 1990) comb. nov. (Digenea, Lecithodendriidae) 172-175.
Nahhas Fuad M., Tran Mary and Nguyen Tien P. - Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from Suva, Fiji (Cryptogonimidae) including description of a new species 176-181.
Ndiaye Papa I., Miquel Jordi, Fons Roger and Marchand Bernard - Spermiogenesis and sperm ultrastructure of the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica L., 1758 (Digenea, Fasciolidae): transmission and scanning electron microscopy, and tubulin immunocytochemistry 182-194.
Zdzitowiecki Krzysztof - Occurrence of Digenea in fishes other than Notothenioidei in the Weddell Sea and the whole Antarctica 195-199.
Borgsteede Fred H.M., Okulewicz Anna, Zoun Pedro E.F. and Okulewicz Jerzy - The helminth fauna of birds of prey (Accipitriformes, Falconiformes and Strigiformes) in the Netherlands 200-207.
Georgiev Dian M., Kostadinova Aneta and Georgiev Boyko B. - Land snails in the transmission of protostrongylids on pastures in Southern Bulgaria: variability of infection levels related to environmental factors 208-217.
Villalobos Cristina de and Ronderos Marcela - Dasyhelea necrophila Spinelli et Rodriguez, 1999 (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) a new potential paratenic host of Paragordius varius (Leidy, 1851) (Gordiida, Nematomorpha) 218-221.
Molnar Kalman, Majoros Gabor, Csaba Gyorgy and Szekely Csaba - Pathology of Atractolytocestus huronensis Anthony, 1958 (Cestoda, Caryophyllaeidae) in Hungarian pond-farmed common carp 222-228.
Valecha Neena, Singh Neeru, Yadav Rajpal S., Dev Vas, Aggarwal Abha and Subbarao Sarala K. - Field evaluation of OptiMAL48 rapid malaria diagnostic test in India 229-232.


Okulewicz Jerzy and Wesolowska Maria - Rediscovery of Leyogonimus postgonoporus (Neiland, 1951) (Trematoda, Stomylotrematidae) in Central Europe 233-236.


Swiderski Zdzislaw - Worms and Human Disease (2nd edition) by Ralph Muller, CABI Publishing 2002, Paperback, ISBN 0 85199 516 0, pp. 300 237.

Number 4, December 2003


Wedrychowicz Halina and Wisniewski Marcin - Progress in development of vaccines against most important gastrointestinal helminth parasites of humans and animals 239-245.


Reda Enayat S., El-Naggar Mohammed M. and Arafa Safaa Z. - Egg variability, hatching and anatomy of the oncomiracidia of three Quadriacanthus species (Monogenea) from the Nile Delta catfish, Clarias gariepinus 246-254.
Levron Celine, Ternengo Sonia and Marchand Bernard - Ultrastructure of spermiogenesis and the spermatozoon of Helicometra fasciata (Digenea, Opecoelidae), a parasite of Labrus merula (Pisces, Teleostei) 255-264.
Bochkov Andre V. and OConnor Barry M. - New cheyletid mites (Acari, Cheyletidae) associated with birds 265-279.
Mironov Sergey V., Dabert Jacek and Ehrnsberger Rainer - A review of feather mites of the Psittophagus generic group (Astigmata, Pterolichidae) with descriptions of new taxa from parrots (Aves, Psittaciformes) of the Old World 280-293.
Herrera Leidi, Pinho Ana P., Viegas Claudia, Lorosa Elias, Xavier Samanta C.C., Emperaire Laure, Mangia Regina H., Carrasco Hernan, Fernandes Octavio and Jansen Ana M. - Trypanosoma cruzi transmission cycle in Joao Costa, Piaui, Brazil, an endemic area of Chagas disease 294-300.
Le Pape Patrice, Pangiez Fabrice and Abdala-Valencia Hiam - A new fluorometric method for anti-Leishmania drug screening on axenic amastigotes 301-305.
Costa Idessania N., Sopelete Monica C., Goncalves-Pires Maria R.F. and Costa-Cruz Julia M. - IgA and IgG antibodies in paired serum and saliva samples in human strongyloidiasis 306-311.


Hazinedaroglu Selcuk M., Kayaoglu Huseyin A., Dulger Ferda and Erverdi Nezih - Biliary ascariasis: case report 312-314.


Tkach Vasyl V. - Keys to the Trematoda. Volume I, by D.I. Gibson, A. Jones and R.A. Bray 315-316.
Swiderski Zdzislaw - Taenia solium Cysticercosis: From Basic to Clinical Science by G. Singh and S. Prabhakar 317.

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